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We specialize in making glass memorial pipes, pendants, marbles and more. These pieces are very dear to our hearts, we truly care about helping people in anyway we can in going through the difficult process of grieving a loved one. We go out of our way to put personalized love and care into every step of the process. One of our experienced glass artists will take the cremated remains of your loved one and carefully incase them inside the glass. Then the artist will infuse them into a special commemorative piece of functional, wearable or sculptural glass artwork. The cremains appear as small white dots/air bubbles, similar to stars in space when inside the glass.

The average waiting period for a memorial piece of glass may be up to 4-8 weeks. Please ask at time of order if you are concerned with time or need your piece by a certain date and we will do our best to accommodate. But please do be aware this is not a fast process and not something that should be rushed. We prefer to do things right not do them rushed.

Please email us at dbkglass.shop@gmail.com to discuss the details of your special memorial piece. We will need to know what type of piece you would like made- pendant, pipe, marble etc as well as the size, shape and colors you would like used. After we agree upon the details of your memorial glass piece we will take payment and you can then ship us the cremains. We do not accept returns or give refunds on cremation memorial pieces. We are working on collection kits to ship the cremains, but until then you can use a small jar, clean prescription bottle or a really strong ziplock baggie to ship the cremains. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine. We only need a very small amount of ashes for a single piece of glass-a tablespoon at most.

***IMPORTANT***When you ship you MUST ship UPSP using Priority Express with signature confirmation and notify the post office that you are shipping cremains so they give the package a special label and use more care during the shipping process. USPS is the only legal way to ship cremains.

When you send the ashes (Or when you place your order) please include a photo of the person we are making the memorial of, their name and any special details or stories about them. It may sound funny but the artists like to think of the person and really put some love and good vibes into the glass as they work with the remains when making a memorial piece. We believe glass holds energy and we want to put as much love and care into the memorial pieces as possible to make them truly special.

Glass pendants with cremains starting at $50, glass pipes with cremains starting at $70 and glass marbles with cremains starting at $70. Scroll down for more specific information, details on pricing and photos of different types of Memorial Glass pieces. We can add customizations to most of the pieces below such as sandblasting names, dates, words, images or photos for additional cost. We generally only make the pieces below with cremains but MAY be able to make a different style or type of glass piece to your specifications upon request. These type of completely custom memorial pieces start at $300 and will take longer to order and be created. There will be a consultation charge added for the time it takes to design and agree upon details. Contact us at dbkglass.shop@gmail.com to discuss and place your order.


We can encase your loved one into a special Memorial Marble for your pocket, jewelry box, paperweight or to put on display anywhere. These marbles are round and will need a small stand to be used as a paperweight. For a small additional fee we can cut a flat bottom for the marble to be more of a paperweight type piece.


Our first type of Glass Memorial Marble we call a Moonstone. We make these in a 1 inch size for $70, 1.5" for $100, 2 inch size for $130 and 3 inch size for $200. For these marbles we lay down the color/s first and then the cremains lovingly go on top of the color and create a beautiful moon or planet like effect, thus the name Moonstones. These marbles are perfect for anyone but especially wonderful for lovers of space, stars and the moon! You can chose 1-2 background colors to be dotted or swirled. For an additional $15-$20 we can add 99.9% pure silver or 99.9% pure gold fuming on top of the cremains to add a gorgeous spacey metallic effect that covers the ashes a little so they are not as prevalent. Below is an example of a 2 inch marble with 2 dotted colors.



These beautiful colorful marbles come in a 1 inch size for $80, 1.5" size for $110, 2 inch size for $140 and 3 inch size for $200. The ashes and the colors are lovingly swirled throughout the marble. You can chose 1-2 colors for these marbles or upgrade to 3-4 colors for additional cost. They can be made with limited color to be more see thru or with extra color to have a solid color effect.


Space Marbles.

Imagine your loved one in the stars above. These beautiful marbles have a dark background and the ashes are lovingly scattered to appear as stars. We can put more or less ashes in to create different effects. We can add 99.9% pure silver or 99.9% pure gold fuming behind the cremains or in front of the cremains for an additional $10 to add a gorgeous spacey metallic effect that covers the ashes a little so they are not as prevalent. We make these in a 1 inch size for $70, 1.5" for $100, 2 inch size for $130 and 3 inch size for $200.



Looking for a beautiful Memorial piece that you can wear around your neck and keep your loved one close to your heart at all times? We make Memorial Pendants! These small pieces of wearable glass are the perfect gift for yourself or any loved one

For $50 you can get a beautiful one color round pendant with the cremains sprinkled like stars in the foreground. We can add 99.9% pure silver or 99.9% pure gold fuming in front of the cremains for an additional $10 to add a gorgeous spacey metallic effect that covers the ashes a little so they are not as prevalent.  These pendants are also available in a tear drop shape for an additional $10.  

This beautiful pendant is a one color memorial pendant with a mixture of gold and silver fuming in the foreground.

This pretty tear drop pendant is a one color memorial pendant with a heavy of gold and silver fuming swirling in the foreground.

This pendant and the ones below are  one color tear drop memorial pendants with a color border. Color border is available upon request for additional cost.



Your loved one shines like stars in these beautiful spacey pendants. They feature a dark background and tiny bits of 99.9% pure silver to really create a beautiful spacey scene. For $60 you can get a beautiful round spacey pendant with the cremains sprinkled like stars in the foreground mixed within the silver bits. You can select any color for the loop and for an additional $10 you can get it in teardrop shape.

These pretty spacey pendants have a heavy application of ashes and a lighter color background for an out of this world effect!



More info coming soon on these gorgeous pendants. Email with questions.


*New* Dot Stack pendants by Robbie Lofland with cremains starting at $125.


Memorial Anatomical Heart Pendants with cremains by Mandella Glass starting at $175. Keep your loved one in your heart forever with one of these beautifully detailed pendants. Available in a huge variety of colors!


Also available upon request realistic anatomy and organ pendants starting at $150.



Mini Memorial Figurines and Figurine Pendants by Mandella Glass starting at $100. Have your loved one forever encapsulated inside something with special meaning to you in one of our adorable mini figurines or figurine pendants. Most figurines can be made into a pendant to wear and keep close to your heart. Available in many different styles, figures and colors. Options include but are not limited to hearts, teddy bears, swans, rabbits, mice, turtles, pigs, elephants, mushrooms, fish, leaves, mermaid tails, acorns, snails, teapots, fruits, vegetables, and more! There are certain types of pieces our artists are experienced in making and some styles that may not be possible. We will do our best to accommodate your request but some requests may not be possible or may be very costly. The photo below shows a small selection made in a beautiful color called Moonstone.  Contact us to discuss options and prices.




We have several options for memorial pipes. We MAY be able to make something totally unique for you outside of these options for additional cost. The ordering process and waiting period may be much longer depending on the type of piece you are interested in. Fully unique custom pieces that are completely different from the options below start at $300 and will have a consultation charge added for the additional time needed to design and discuss. We are happy to discuss and work with you however we are able.

Small Inside Out Glass Memorial Pipe

For $90 you can get our best selling small inside out spoon with cremains running through the entire pipe. These pipes are about 4" long, thick, color changing and contain colorful rods. You can pick between silver or gold fuming and 2-3 colors for the rods. The silver fume appears shades of light blue, green, and yellow and colors into beautiful shades of blue. The gold fume generally appears shades of red/pink/orange and colors in to shades of purple, blue and copper peach. We actually use 99.9% pure silver and 99.9% pure gold to fume the glass.

These beautiful Small Inside Out Memorial pipes all have silver fuming.

Theses gorgeous small inside out spoons have a mixture of gold and silver fuming.

These 3 silver fumed small inside out spoon pipes with blue, white and clear rods were a matching set made for siblings.

These two beauties were also a matching set. They feature pretty silver and gold fuming with clear and transparent color rods for a iridescent effect.


Large Inside Out Glass Memorial Pipe

For $115 you can get our large inside out spoon with cremains. It is the same as the small inside out spoon except it is around 5" long. You also get your choice of silver or gold fume and 2-3 colors for the rods.

This gorgeous silver fumed large inside out pipe features red, black and gray rods.

This incredible silver fumed Large Inside out Memorial pipe features a honeycomb design on the head of the pipe. This may be available upon request for additional cost.


Inside Out Glass Egg Memorial Pipes

For $130 you can get our egg pipe with cremains. This is our most durable pipe and is almost unbreakable. It is shaped similar to an actual egg but is a little larger. You can also chose the fume and color rods.

This gorgeous memorial Egg pipe features gold fuming.


XL Inside Out Glass Memorial Pipe

For $130 you can get what we call our XL inside out spoon with cremains. These pipes are about 4" long but are very thick and contain a lot of glass to create an almost paperweight effect. You also get to chose between gold and silver fuming and 2-3 colors for the rods.

These incredible silver fumed XL Inside out Memorial spoons were made as a matching set for two sisters.


Customized Glass Memorial Pipes

We can also add unique customizations for additional cost. Below is a photo of a beautiful Small Inside Out Memorial spoon pipe made with cremains of a woman that loved unicorns and the stars. The head of the pipe has crushed opals to represent stars and a sandblasted spacey unicorn. Truly a special piece made with love by owner Dylan.

Below is another special customized Small Inside Out  Memorial spoon pipe. It was customized with a beautiful smiling moon in honor of a special woman that loved the moon and stars. Owner Dylan put a lot of love into this piece, the ashes were encased into a handmade blue and purple rod that swirls through the entire piece and  he also sculpted the 3-D moon on the head of the pipe with it. *So a little bit of Cindy is actually inside the moon.*


If you know what you would like made and are ready to place your order please email us at dbkglass.shop@gmail.com and provide answers to the following questions below so we can get things rolling. Please provide applicable information for ordering a marble, pendant or figurine.

1. What type of pipe would you like? Examples: Color Changing Fume pipe for $70, Small Inside out Spoon for $80, Large Inside out Spoon for $115, XL Inside out Spoon Pipe for $130 or Egg pipe for $130. If you are ordering a pipe please

2. Would you like the piece to have silver or gold fuming behind the rods? The silver appears a yellowy/blue color and changes after being smoked out of to mainly blues and the gold appears pinky/copper and changes to mainly purples and blues. 

3. You also get a choice of 2-3 colors or clear for the rods running through the pipe. We infuse the ashes into a stick of glass and then encase that rod inside the pipe so as to keep the cremains throughout encapsulated within the layers of glass. What colors would you like?

4. Your name?

5. Your mailing address?

6. Your phone number?

7. Preferred method of payment? Generally I email a PayPal invoice that can be paid securely online with a card, bank transfer or PayPal account or we can take a card over the phone or you can mail us a money order or cashiers check if you do not want to do an online payment. The artist will not begin creation until payment is received just fyi.

8. Whose cremains will we be working with? Please send a favorite photo and any special details or stories about your loved one that you would like to share. Our artists like to learn about whomever they are working with so they can keep them in mind and truly put personalized love and care into making a memorial piece. 

9. Any other important information you would like to share or questions?

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to email dbkglass.shop@gmail.com with any questions!