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We are now making glass memorial pipes, pendants, marbles and more. One of our experienced glass artists will take the cremated remains of your loved one and carefully incase them inside the glass. Then the artist will infuse them into a special commemorative piece of functional, wearable or sculptural glass artwork. The cremains appear as small white dots/air bubbles, similar to stars in space when inside the glass.

The average waiting period for a custom one of a kind memorial piece of glass may be  up to 4-8 weeks. Please ask at time of order if you are concerned with time or need your piece by a certain date and we will do our best to accommodate. But please do be aware this is not a fast process and not something that should be rushed. We prefer to do things right not do them rushed.

Please email us at dbkglass.shop@gmail.com to discuss the details of your special memorial piece. We will need to know what type of piece you would like made- pendant, pipe, marble etc as well as the size, shape and colors you would like used. After we agree upon the details of your custom memorial glass piece we will take payment and you can then ship us the cremains. We are working on collection kits to ship the cremains, but until then you can use a small jar, clean prescription bottle or a really strong ziplock baggie to ship the cremains. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine. We only need a very small amount for a single piece of glass-a tablespoon at most.

When you send the ashes please include a photo of the person we are making the memorial of, their name and any special details or stories about them. It may sound funny but the artists like to think of the person and really put some love and good vibes into the glass as they work with the remains when making a memorial piece. We believe glass holds energy and we want to put as much love and care into the memorial pieces as possible.

Pipes starting at $50 and pendants starting at $40. Other options available. Contact us to discuss and place your order.