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DUE TO HIGH DEMAND and lack of staff to keep up with the requests we are only doing repairs that can be brought in to the shop locally! We are willing to deal with and ship in and out repairs on HIGH END pieces of glass- pieces that cost or are worth over $500. We understand some pieces are sentimental and worth well over their value to the owner and we may be willing to repair lower end pieces on special requests but know the process of price quote and repair and shipping may take a VERY LONG TIME!

PLEASE EMAIL dbkglassrepairinfo@qwestoffice.net to discuss/ get a price quote on a repair!

If you have glass art or a glass pipe that is broken or cracked, AND LIVE IN COLORADO, we might be able to fix it! Cost depends on the quality/thickness of the glass as well as the severity of the break or crack. Additional cost may occur if there are unseen cracks or if cracks appear during the repair or if the quality of the glass is poor. We will give you an estimated price range when you come in to the shop.

Payment is due upfront! You will need to pay the low end of your price quote when you drop off the glass to the store. Please remember this price is an estimate, the cost may be higher. Additional cost will be due at the time of pick up.

The MINIMUM cost for any LOCAL pipe repair no matter the issue will now be $20.00 on handheld pipes and $60.00 on stand up water pipes. If you live out of state we maybe able to fix your piece, BUT IT MUST BE A HIGH END PIECE WORTH $500 OR MORE OR HIGHLY SENTIMENTAL, and the price will be higher and the wait will be longer. We started offering repairs simply as a service to our walk in customers and the damand has grown out of control. Sentimental out of state repairs on lower end glass pieces will take longer to get price quotes and have a LONG WAITING PERIOD.

We are a small mom and pop shop and we are having trouble keeping up with emails and shipping. Please know that we are doing our best and understand the repair process- initial contact, price quote, shipping info, actual repair and return shipping will take time. If you are in a rush you may want to look elsewhere or ask about a rush fee.

Due to the huge rising demand for glass repairs we are receiving the waiting period MAY be longer than it used to be. The cost for glass repairs is also rising due to the massive demand, level of skill, amount of time/kiln space needed to do them. The waiting period will be reduced if the demand slows or if we find another blower to help with fixes.

We can only work with borosilicate or Pyrex glass, if you are unsure of what kind of glass you have you can email us a photo or bring it into the store and we'll let you know.

If you have a smoking pipe or water pipe (tube) that needs repair please clean it out 100% to look brand new. (AND WE MEAN 100% CLEAN, IF IT'S NOT CLEAN KEEP TRYING!!!). We have a few recommendations for cleaning. One is to use a rubbing alcohol and a salt/rice mixture. (For small pipes or pipes with small passages use regular table salt, for larger pipes use a larger grain salt or raw dry rice for the scrubbing agent) Put the pipe in a zip lock bag with the mixture and let it soak overnight. Then shake it until clean and rinse. Other surprisingly useful pipe cleaning agents are acetone nail polish remover, Simple Green cleaner and Everclear grain alcohol. You can gently warm the alcohol or acetone to help dissolve stubborn areas. You may also need pipe cleaners (small areas) or a baby bottle brush (large areas) for scrubbing. We DO NOT recommend boiling your pipe. Heating and cooling glass is risky. If not done properly (like with a kiln and digital temperature gauge) you can break/crack your pipe or weaken it’s structure so much that it will break really easily. We will not take your dirty piece, if you ship us a dirty piece we sadly will have to throw it away. Sorry! We cannot have dirty pieces in our store and we cannot re-ship dirty pieces. Please make sure your glass is 100% clean!

Beware if there is any residue left in the glass (from cleaning) it may be “cooked” on permanently during the repair process. If you have any decals or stickers on your glass there is a chance they will be burnt off or distorted during the repair. There is always a VERY SMALL chance your glass piece will shatter during any repair, we will notify you if the chance is higher than usual, but you should be aware of the possibility that your piece may not survive. There is also a chance hidden cracks will appear and spread during the repair process, which will increase the repair cost and that money will be due at time of pick up. We will notify you by phone if this happens. If the glass piece is sentimental enough that you do not want to risk it you may just want to glue it and stop using it.

The AVERAGE waiting period for a single standard repair brought in locally is 3-6 weeks. Shipped pieces may take 4-8 weeks. But they may be done as quickly as the next day or week. Rare/specialty pieces will take longer if supplies are on order and the wait will be longer if you drop off multiple pieces. Dylan is our only blower that does repairs so we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding when waiting for your piece. If you have a date you would like your repair done by please let us know, we will do our best but cannot make any guarantees or give refunds for failing to meet your deadline. Rush repairs may be possible for additional cost depending on the blowers schedule and your time frame. If we do not have your repair ready by the rush date agreed upon we will return the rush fee. We do not give refunds on repairs. Be assured the wait will be well worth it and that your glass will be repaired with the utmost care, respect and great quality.

Please do not call or come in to check on your repair unless it has been the full 6 week waiting period or if your phone number has changed. If you would really like to reach us about your repair email us at dbkglassrepairinfo@qwestoffice.net or dbkglass@qwestoffice.net if you do not get a response within a week. We will call to let you know when your glass is ready for pick up.

Thank you for your interest and thanks again for your understanding and patience in this process.


SHIPPING INFO (if we have agreed to deal with shipping your piece)

I recommend UPS and to ensure safety of the glass double boxing is required. Wrap the piece in bubble wrap or several layers of newspaper and put in a small box with a couple of inches of extra space around the piece and packing material surrounding it. Then put that box into a larger box surrounded by several inches (3-4”) of packing material. The larger outer box needs to be at least 2 inches bigger on EACH side than the smaller box to create a buffer zone. See the detailed instructions from UPS on how to double box at the end of the email. You may be charged for new packaging if your piece is not packaged properly. Repairs average 4-6 weeks but may be more or less depending on when you send it. Rush repairs may or may not be available depending on scheduling. Please let us know upfront if you are in a hurry and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Our address is:

DBK Glass Creations
2833 North El Paso #120
Colorado Springs, co 80907

Our phone number is (719) 442-4325. We are open 12-6pm daily.


Please include a piece of paper with your full name, mailing address, email address, phone number, a detailed description of your piece, what is wrong with it and repair price quoted and include it in the box with your broken piece.


When your piece arrives here we will measure/weigh it and get a shipping quote from our local UPS. We will then give you a call to confirm your piece arrived safely and tell you the return shipping cost and your total. The fastest way to get things rolling is to pay with a credit/debit card over the phone or I can email a pay pal invoice, but you can mail us a money order. However, we will not work on your repair until payment in FULL including shipping has been received.


*WARNING* your piece needs to be 100% clean, like BRAND NEW sparkly clean! We can not mail back dirty pieces, so unfortunately dirty pieces will be thrown away. If there are any stickers on your piece they need to be removed. (Hand sanitizer can help get sticky stick off) If your piece arrives with stickers you will be charged a small fee for removing them.


*warning* there is always a small chance your piece will not survive the repair process. There may be hidden weakness, stresses, cracks or imperfections that cause it to shatter. We do not give refunds on repairs. You are paying for the time of the blower that works on your piece. There is also a small chance any logos or images on your piece will melt off or be warped. We will let you know if your piece is a high risk piece when we see it in person.



What is Double (Over) Boxing?
Double (over) boxing is an effective method of safeguarding fragile equipment like electronics from damage. While using a single box or the original manufacturer's packaging is possible in some instances, there are many situations when this shipping method is ill-advised. Many single boxes are not designed to endure the shipping process, which includes sorting impact, over-the-road vibration, and other kinds of package handling situations. The original equipment manufacturer's package is usually designed to ship the product once, and not multiple times. Even then, it is often designed for shipments on pallets, not single-piece shipments. 

  How to Double (Over) Box
§  Select a new shipping container that is at least six inches (15.24 cm) longer, wider, and higher than the original manufacturer's box.

§  Fill the bottom of the new shipping container with at least two to three inches (5.08 to 7.62 cm) of foam-in-place, polyethylene corner or edge pads, inflatable packaging, loose fill peanuts, or other suitable dunnage materials.

§  Place the original manufacturer's box on top of the cushioning material and in the center of the shipping container, allowing for at least two to three inches (5.08 to 7.62 cm) of cushioning around the remaining five sides of the package.

§  Fill the remaining empty space in the package with foam-in-place, polyethylene corner or edge pads, inflatable packaging, loose fill peanuts, or other suitable dunnage materials.

§  Seal the shipping container with either two inches (5.08 cm) or more width of pressure-sensitive or nylon-reinforced tape, or 60-pound, three-inch (7.62 cm) wide water-activated reinforced tape. Close the box securely, applying three strips of tape to both the top and bottom of the box, so the middle and two edge seams are sealed.